Wednesday, November 23, 2016


"He was nice. But I told him no.
And that left me with his silence."


"I felt guilty. I don't know why but, I just felt that way."

"Why did you said no ?"

"I was... saving myself."

"In what way ?"

"Relationship that won't lead to marriage is not possible. You know that."

"How do you know that it won't ?"

"Because...I liked someone else. And you know that too."

"And how sure can you be that the one you're saving yourself for, wants you back ?"


"What you did was not wrong, dear."

"...But why am I feeling this way ?"

"Because your reason of doing so, is not right."

"Enlighten me."

"For telling him No, and stopping him from putting hopes, well done. You did it right, my dear. Don't feel guilty. He was nice, wasn't he ? And he shouldn't deserves a worse heart-broke. If you didn't do that now, he'll get hurt even more later.

And for you. The fact that you're saving your best for the right one, it's beautiful. But for you yourself, you might end up getting hurt too. It has been years, and he hadn't made any move, had he ?"

"....yeah. I am, afraid of that too."

"And did you not witness what happened to me ? I ended up gonna marry someone I never knew. Everything was so quick, but it happened. It happened the way Allah has planned for me, which 10 years ago, I've never imagined this. And it's happening."


Don't close your heart. But save it. For yourself. For Allah. The right one will come. Allah will send him. Either someone you once knew, or someone you currently in touch, or even someone you never know, he'll come. You'll feel it. If it turned out that he is the one, he will come back too."

"Less hope, less hurt."

"Well said. You did well, my dear."

"Thanks. A lot."

"Allah wants to save your soul. Thank Him."

"I hope he'll be okay."

"He will. He will learn. He'll be better, and thanks to what you did."

"Ameen ya Rabbal Alamin, for whatever it is that are good for everyone."


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