Monday, September 19, 2016


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A friend was heartbroken. They broke up.
 "Long-distance relationship is hard to maintain," she said, crying.

Somehow, it made me wondered for a while..

Is it true ?

Well I've never been in such kind of relationship before 
so I don't have any personal experience but,

What is love, then ?

Like, if you can't comprehend distance, how would you bear anything worse ?

I thought love is about trust and loyalty.
Was I wrong ?

I don't deny it ain't easy to hold on to those two elements --,
(which is why I don't fall for ppl easily)
but, that's how it works, isn't it ?

If the love was real, distance won't destroy. 
It strengthens--, the trust.
Bcuz the bond wasn't supposed to be made physically, 
but rather from within.
Hearts don't recognise distances, it recognise affections.

Pengikat hati adalah dengan doa.
Sebab kita manusia tak pegang hati sesiapa--,
Allah yang jaga semuanya.


Rasa macam nak write an entry about this.
I think I talk about this very rarely.
Ke, selalu ? Lol maybe I didn't realise, tapi rasa macam tak je.

oke geli bai i love you eww haha

btw my final exam is near, so hm please doakan saya cemerlang thankyou :')


Anonymous said...

Yes, love is about loyalty & trust. It depends on us how we manage our relationship. If they had an argument, dont think about how the prob boleh jadi. But think about how we can settle it. Think about the solution. Settle it wisely. If he/she get jealous about smthg,her/his partner shouldn't do the same thing to make him/her get jealous too & please dont over think. Be positive. Hot mana pon bf tu or ramai mana pon perempuan nak dia, kalau hati dia mmg dekat kau--yes no prob. U just need to be loyalty & trust. I agree with u "pengikat hati adalah dengan doa". Always. Btw, this is just my opinion based on my experience (maybe) hihi :) #notreallygoodinenglish #imtrying

Nur Amalina said...

waa sounds so experienced, ey ? haha.
would be nice to know who you are. ;)

btw i don't support couple before marriage (it's prohibited hewhew :3), so i did not suggest any solution to her to fix their relationship. i can just console, but can't support them to find a way to reconcile. ngeheh.